How Flying Can Affect Your Oral Health

An airplane with the text "How Flying Can Affect Your Oral Health"

Did you know the combination of having a toothache and flying can really be a problem? What happens on airplanes is that the atmospheric pressure changes constantly, depending on what the pilot is trying to avoid or trying to get in line with (whether it’s a great jet stream opportunity or a nasty section of uncomfortable turbulence). During takeoff and landing, the atmospheric pressure will change dramatically, and all of these changes can wreak havoc on your ears, your nose, and, you guessed it, your mouth! You are probably familiar with how your ears start to pop on the airplane,… Read Full Post

Welcoming Dr. Kevin Mink to Las Cruces Dental Solutions!

Doctor Kevin Mink

Dr. Mink is the latest addition to the Las Cruces Dental Solutions team.  He grew up near Albuquerque, NM, where he graduated from Moriarty High School.  He received a Bachelor’s in Science from Brigham Young University, before heading to Philadelphia, Pa, for dental school.  While in Dental School, Dr. Mink qualified for the Military’s Health Professions Scholarship Program.  He earned his DMD from Temple University’s Kornberg School of Dentistry, and then embarked on 4 years of active duty military service. While serving in the military, Dr. Mink participated in over 100 hours of continuing education and was trained in advanced dental techniques by several… Read Full Post

Lost your lost tooth? Introducing….Tooth Fairy Letters!

We’ve got the solution for you!  Introducing…tooth fairy letters! Did you swallow it? Drop it?  Wake up with your loose tooth missing? Misplace it before tucking it under your pillow? Just let us know, and one of our highly-trained dentists will certify that you did lose a tooth and create a letter for submission to the tooth fairy.  The tooth fairy has been more than happy to accept these letters in exchange for your money, so do not worry if this happens to you!

How to Set Reminders to Floss

Girl climbing on a watch with the caption "How to Set Reminders to Floss"

Are you flossing like you should? Dentists recommend performing this task at least once a day, but a recent study showed that only 27% of adults actually do it that often. It may not seem like placing a piece of dental floss between your teeth is doing a lot for your oral health, but the couple of minutes spent properly flossing helps remove the plaque and food debris that brushing alone cannot get rid of. Since devoting time to take care of your teeth is so important, you should make it a priority.  Create a Cue What will remind you to floss?  While… Read Full Post

4 Reasons You Want Preventive Dental Care

Asian woman frolicking in the fields with healthy teeth

You may brush your teeth twice a day and think that everything with your oral health is fine. But if you are skipping your routine dental check-ups, you may have some dental issues that are snowballing without you even knowing it. One example of this is gum disease. Gum disease often progresses painlessly so people don’t know they have it until they already have periodontitis, which is irreversible. While gum disease is prevalent in this country, it is absolutely manageable with routine dental care. For this, any other reasons, you should remember to see your dentist for preventive dental care,… Read Full Post