Las Cruces Dental Solutions goes a step further to ensure safety for our patients!

When you go to the dentist, the last thing you want to worry about is potential infections or other potential dangers that could come from unsanitary practices, right? We know the importance of making sure we not only keep a clean and pristine lobby for your enjoyment, but that everything from our chairs to tools and equipment that we use are up to and exceed the standards of safety and sterilization.


But how do we make sure that all of our equipment is safe? We use a process to ensure cleanliness and safety for each time we use our tools:

  1. After use, our instruments are soaked in and approved disinfectant solution.
  2. Ultrasonic cleaned for a specified period of time to increase effectiveness of the disinfecting solutions and remove debris.
  3. Instruments are rinsed and scrubbed.
  4. After this, we place them in sterilization bags with colored markers that will indicate when the instruments have reached sterilization temperature.
  5. Once the right temperature is reached, we then proceed to place them in a digitally controlled heat and steam sterilizer where the heat, steam and time are closely controlled and monitored and any errors in the process are clear due to an alarm.
  6. The effectiveness of sterilization is verified on a weekly basis with a spore test with all results recorded consistently on a spore test log.
  7. Once removed from sterilization, all instruments are carefully moved to a separate clean counter so there is no cross contamination with unsterilized instruments.
  8. Finally, instruments are radied and stored in a clean storage for your next appointment.


As you can see, ensuring that all of our tools and equipments are serious business for us at Las Cruces Dental Solutions. We always want to be sure that next time you come in for an appointment, whether its to get your teeth cleaned or a root canal, our equipment is germ free and as a sterile as it can possibly be to avoid infections or other problems that could arise due to infection.

Another important factor to ensure cleanliness is keeping our rooms and facilities for you! We know that just with any medical facility, our dentist office must meet certain standards to ensure that everything is sparkling clean for your visit, not just for your own personal comfort but for your health and safety as well. Here are just some of the steps we take to make sure that this is accomplished:

  1. All of our rooms have been specially designed to be easier to clean, this means that the surfaces that can become contaminated and allow transmission of bacteria are limited.
  2. We keep our operating rooms less cluttered.
  3. Our rooms have limited drawers have a convenient supply organization that helps prevent cross contamination.
  4. As mentioned above, we use a thorough method of sterilization for all of our instruments and tools.
  5. All surfaces and points of contact in each room are thoroughly wiped down with a TB rated and approved surface disinfectant.
  6. If a patient or us touches a surface during a visit, we make sure it is wiped down to ensure that there is no bacteria or germs that could affect the next patient.
  7. Our dental chairs and operating chairs are cleaned periodically.
  8. We make sure that gloves and mouth guards are changed with each patient, one of the biggest dangers is continuing to use the same glove with several patient. For example, you wouldn’t use the same cutting board when cutting raw chicken to cut your vegetables. We don’t use the same glove for several patients and always make sure we use new, disposable gloves for each patient we see.


These are just some of the methods and procedures we use to guarantee that our dental office is up to the standards it needs to be for every one of our patients. This a very strict and rigorous process, but we do it because we care about you and don’t want you to get a disease or infection because we did not properly keep our practice within perfect hygiene standard, the last thing we would want to do is put you or your loved ones in danger. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about our methods we always invite you to ask and raise your questions or even give us suggestions.