Naughty and Nice Christmas Food List…for Teeth!


The holidays are a time for good food and great company. While many of us are worried about our growing waistline this time of year, we need not forget about caring for our teeth. Keeping up with the proper brushing and flossing regimen is especially important, as well as, choosing the right foods to eat. We’ve listed foods that have made the naughty and nice lists for dental health.

Naughty List

Sweets: It’s a generic term, but around Christmas there are so many offerings of cakes, cookies, candies and chocolate. The majority of sweets are hard, sticky and packed full of sugar. These sugary delights can have a harmful impact on your teeth. It’s nearly impossible to avoid sweets this time of year, so enjoy in moderation and remember to brush often.

Citrus Fruits: Though a healthier option than sweets, citrus fruits are very acidic and can cause tooth enamel to erode.

Holiday Beverages: Egg nog contains a lot of sugar, which is bad news for your teeth. Avoid drinking too many carbonated beverages; the acid can dissolve your tooth enamel. The chromogens in red wine can cause tooth discoloration.

Nice List

Turkey: Turkey is lean, healthy and full of nutrients. Did you know turkey contains phosphorus? Phosphorus promotes strong teeth, much like calcium.

Nuts: Nuts are packed full of vitamins and nutrients that work together to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Nuts are also known to stimulate saliva production. This helps wash out bacteria from your mouth.

Cheese: Cheese is antibacterial and has a low pH level. The lower pH levels will help make your mouth less acidic, especially after indulging in things that made our naughty list.

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