Teeth Facts: New Mexico’s State Animals

At Las Cruces Dental Solutions, we’re proud to serve the families of our New Mexico communities. We’re also proud of our state as a whole, too! To celebrate New Mexico and all its (dental) glory, we’re taking a look at the teeth of some of New Mexico’s official state animals. Just like with humans, an animal’s teeth (or lack there of) tell you a lot about their diet. When it comes to you and I, teeth types such as molars help us process veggies and fruits by grinding them together. For the more carnivorous among us, our pointed teeth help… Read Full Post

Manual vs. Powered Toothbrush

Today we’re going to talk about the differences between powered and manual toothbrushes and how they affect your oral health. Experts believe that the type of toothbrush you use has a direct impact on how well you remove plaque. So which is better? And why does it have such an impact? It’s all in the details There are some obvious differences between the two types of toothbrushes, mainly one being powered by electricity and the other by your own brute force. Also, some electric toothbrushes spin in a circular motion that is difficult to replicate manually. But which one is… Read Full Post

History of American Dentistry

Fireworks and flag

In honor of the historic 4th of July weekend coming up, Las Cruces Dental Solutions wanted to celebrate the history of American Dentistry! People have been concerned with tooth care for as long as people have had teeth – that is to say, forever. As far back as 5000 BC, there are mentions of causes of tooth decay (“tooth worms”), and the earliest reference to a dental practitioner comes from Egypt around 2600 BC. But what about American dentistry? Just like our great country, dentistry in the United States has come a long way, baby. But to know just how… Read Full Post

Unexpected Uses for Toothpaste

No, we don’t want you to start putting toothpaste on a hotdog. However, as dentists, we champion the greatness of toothpaste when it comes to caring for a healthy smile. But even we can admit there are other uses for this unsung bathroom hero that you might not even know about. Below are some of our favorite, unexpected uses for toothpaste. There are literally hundreds more on lists around the web (try here, here and here!). These were just some of the ones we found the most useful and effective. Cleaning with Toothpaste Jewelry Use a spare toothbrush and a… Read Full Post

My Tooth Fell Out! What Do I Do?!

What to do in a Dental Emergency So, you have a tooth that’s been knocked out. Do you know what to do? Fear not, your friendly Las Cruces dentists are here to let you know the proper steps to take. 1) Don’t Panic The most important thing to remember is to give yourself a moment to take a deep breath. 2) Act Quickly Speed is of the essence when your tooth has been knocked out. The faster you are able to get to your dentist, the better! If you are not in severe pain, you can consider checking your dental… Read Full Post