5 Facts You Need to Know About Dental Implants

The loss of permanent teeth can be a traumatizing experience for anyone at any age. Everyday tasks such as eating and speaking may become uncomfortable and embarrassing, and self-esteem can be impacted, leading to stifled laughter and hidden smiles. Dental implants offer those facing impending extractions or distressing over missing teeth a beautiful, permanent, and natural-looking solution for restoring their smiles. Though these basic benefits are obvious, there are several lesser-known facts about dental implants that might just help you make a decision about restoration solutions if you are still on the fence. 1. Dental implants are often thought of… Read Full Post

Cavity Prevention Tips – Part 2

View Our YouTube Video– Cavity Prevention Tips- Part 2 Let’s learn more about how to prevent cavities. 1. Watch Your Diet Eat less sugary and acidic foods to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria on your teeth. 2. Maintain Good Home Oral Hygiene Ideally, brushing your teeth after every meal, but brush at least twice daily and floss your teeth at least once daily. 3. Eat Fewer Snacks in Between Meals Limit the number of “acid attacks” on your teeth during the day, but eating fewer snacks. 4. Use Fluoride Professional fluoride treatments reduce cavity risk by 75%. At Las… Read Full Post

The Best and the Worst Halloween Candy for Your Kid’s Teeth

The classic caramel, traditional taffy, and time-honored sweets like gummy bears are all the things your childhood Halloween dreams were made of. They are also the stuff your childhood cavities were made of. Now you’re grown and have children of your own, so you get to enjoy your favorite fall and winter holidays vicariously through them. This time around, get the whole experience without the painful repercussions. Make sure all the kids in the neighborhood can maintain good oral health through the holidays: this year, buy tooth-healthy treats. Hands down, the healthiest candies to give away on Halloween are sugarless… Read Full Post

Cavity Prevention Tips- Part 1

It’s no secret that cavities are common for sugar-loving children with developing teeth. In fact, according to the CDC, dental carries (cavities) is the number one disease that affects children. But that doesn’t mean adults aren’t equally affected by the all-too-common cavity. Today, around 90% of people have had at least one cavity in their lifetime, and although nation-wide cavity rates have declined in recent years, they are still a major issue for adults and children alike. The good news is that cavities are easily preventable; all it takes is a little knowledge and proactive care. In the video above,… Read Full Post

Welcome, Dr. Taylor Ross!

Las Cruces Dental Solutions is pleased to welcome Dr. Taylor Ross to our growing practice! Dr. Ross is a Las Cruces dentist who has joined Las Cruces Dental Solutions to work with Dr. Petersen and Dr. Mackey.  He was born and raised in Colorado where he earned his DDS degree at the University of Colorado—Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver, then pursuing additional training in hospital dentistry at the University of Colorado Hospital.  There he focused on implant dentistry, IV sedation, wisdom teeth and emergency room dentistry. Dr. Ross knows a visit to the dentist can be nerve-wracking and will offer multiple sedation options to… Read Full Post