Tips for Helping Kids Brush Their Teeth

Dad brushes his teeth next to his daughter at the sink to encourage her to brush teeth

By encouraging your child to establish great dental health habits when they’re young, you’re encouraging a lifetime of great oral health. If you’re having trouble getting your kid to brush effectively, we have some tips for you. Keep reading for some easy ways to help your child brush more effectively.

Choose Fun Products

While blue toothpaste may not look healthy, there are safe and effective products available in fun and colorful varieties! Feel free to go a little crazy when it comes to choosing products for your kids if you think it’ll make brushing more appealing for them. When you’re buying, just look for the seal of acceptance from the American Dental Association. That was you’ll know it’s a great product.

Utilize Music & Videos

With iPhones and iPads always at the ready, it’s so easy to put on some music or even a fun video while your child brushes. Either option will keep them distracted and entertained while the brush for the full recommended time…that’s two minutes at least twice a day!

Brush with Your Child

There’s no better way to teach your kid to brush well than by showing them what you do. If you brush your teeth with your little one, they’ll see the proper technique and understand how long they need to brush for. Plus, they’ll see your gorgeous teeth, and hopefully understand the importance of great oral care to the maintenance of a lovely smile.

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