Unexpected Uses for Toothpaste


No, we don’t want you to start putting toothpaste on a hotdog. However, as dentists, we champion the greatness of toothpaste when it comes to caring for a healthy smile. But even we can admit there are other uses for this unsung bathroom hero that you might not even know about. Below are some of our favorite, unexpected uses for toothpaste. There are literally hundreds more on lists around the web (try here, here and here!). These were just some of the ones we found the most useful and effective.

Cleaning with Toothpaste



Use a spare toothbrush and a little pit of toothpaste to shine silver and diamond jewelry. Make sure not to use whitening or gel, and don’t use on gold (it’s too soft!). When you’re done gently scrubbing, rinse thoroughly in warm water. You’ll be amazed by the before-and-after sparkle! This also works with silverware, too. Plus, it prevents rust.

Defog Your Bathroom Mirror

Before you hop in the shower, take some toothpaste and spread on your mirror. Wipe away with a paper towel before you get in the shower. By the time you’re done sudsing, your mirror will still be fog-free.

Clean Different Fabric Stains

Clothes, carpet, leather, sneakers and more, toothpaste gets the job done. Toothpaste absorbs oil and other stains. Use a small dab and a clean cloth to gently rub stains. Then, gently lift the stains away with a damp rag. While it won’t work on all stains and all fabrics, you’ll be amazed at the quick results on others.

Crayon on Walls


Run out of Magic Erasers? Try this easy home fix. Just squirt non-gel toothpaste on the wall where the crayon has marked and use a sponge or other scrubby to buff off the marks. Afterwards, wipe off with a damp cloth.

Watermarks on Wood Furniture

We know, the coasters were right there! But just in case, try rubbing a small amount of toothpaste with a cloth onto water stains. Wipe away with a second clean, damp rag. After treating with toothpaste, follow up with furniture oil (olive oil works, too!).

Health & Beauty Toothpaste Uses

Bug Bites


Dabbing on a bit of toothpaste to a nasty bite provides instant relief. If you are dealing with a bee or wasp sting, make sure to remove the stinger.

Minor Burns or Abrasions

Mixed with aloe, toothpaste provides much-needed relief from burns. However, if your burn is serious, seek medical attention!

Clear Blemishes

Use just a small amount of toothpaste on your pimple to help dry it out and absorb oil. Make sure to use non-whitening, non-gel toothpaste. You should also avoid if you have sensitive skin.

Hair Gel Substitute

Often, the same ingredients in hair gel can be found in gel toothpaste! If you are in a bind and forgot to pack your hair styling products, use a small amount of gel toothpaste. Hair will stay in place, and the gel will rinse out easily with the next wash.

Remove Gum


Uh-oh, no peanut butter around? This other home remedy will work just as well, whether the gum is stuck in hair or on the bottom of your shoe. Just rub toothpaste on the gum until it starts to disintegrate. Wash throughly with water. Ta-da!

Natural Deodorizer on Hands


Ever get done peeling garlic or handling fish and think, “Peeewwww, my hands stink!”. Simply wash your hands with whatever toothpaste you have on hand to neutralize odors. They’ll smell minty fresh, just like your breath!

Do you have any other uses for toothpaste that have worked for you to share with the Las Cruces Dental Solutions community? Leave them in the comments!