Dental Emergencies: How to Deal with Them

We have all been there. You are eating your favorite meal and all the sudden…pain! What do you do next? What if your child is running around the house and suddenly falls and chips a tooth? How do you deal with these emergencies?

Being in the dental profession, of course our first recommendation is for you to come see us. But what if you can’t? What if you are stuck at home with no transportation? What if you live far from your closest dentist? We hope that this blog post can help you deal with some of these issues in the mean time: 


1. Toothache Rinse the mouth with warm water. Do not place aspirin on aching tooth or gum tissues. Visit the dentist as soon as possible!

2. Bitten Lip or Tongue Apply direct pressure to the bleeding area with a clean cloth. If swelling is present, apply a cold compress. If bleeding does not stop within 15 minutes, go to a hospital emergency room.

3. Chipped or Broken Tooth Gently clean dirt from the injured area with warm water. Protect the tooth from further exposure to air or cold liquid (cover with sterile gauze. Place cold compress over face, in the area of the injured tooth to decrease swelling. See us IMMEDIATELY! 

4. Knocked out Tooth First, make sure it is a permanent tooth (primary teeth should not be replanted). If tooth is dirty, rinse it briefly (10 seconds) under cold water. Handle the tooth by the top (crown) not the root portion. Do not scrub it or remove any attached tissue fragments. Attempt to reposition the tooth and bite on a soft cloth to hold it in position until you arrive at your dentist’s office. If this is not possible, place the tooth in a cup on milk. See us IMMEDIATELY (within 30 minutes if possible). Time is critical factor in saving the tooth.

5. Possible Broken Jaw: Stabilize the jaw in place by tying a handkerchief, nextie or towel around the jaw and over the top of the head. If swelling is present, apply cold compress. Go IMMEDIATELY to a hospital emergency room! Don’t forget that for most of these emergencies time is extremely important. It is best for you to treat them as soon as possible. During the summer these emergencies seem to increase (since kids are out of school) and it is important to know what to do. Most importantly, don’t panic, if you have any questions about what to do please call us at (575) 405-5085 or call 911 for emergencies. -The staff at Las Cruces Dental Solutions.

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