Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Cartoon drawing of wisdom teeth that are being extracted to preserve the oral health of the patient

Getting your wisdom teeth removed may seem like a rite of passage that everyone has to go through eventually. Interestingly, some patients don’t develop them or they only have 1-3 instead of all 4. And then there are some lucky patients who have them but the teeth come in with no trouble at all. However, there are certain situations where getting your wisdom teeth removed is the best course of action. For a personalized recommendation, schedule a consultation at Las Cruces Dental Solutions!

Crowding & Crookedness

Since wisdom teeth don’t emerge until much later in life than the rest of your adult teeth, it’s possible that there isn’t enough room in your jaw for them to fit correctly. That means when your wisdom teeth do try to erupt, they may push the nearby teeth out of place, causing crowding and crookedness. In these cases, it’s best to remove the wisdom teeth before they cause tooth damage or misalignment, which will only cost more time and money to fix.


When a wisdom tooth isn’t able to erupt completely or correctly, it’s called an impacted tooth. When this happens, it can open the door to an increased risk of dental decay, gum disease, infection, and cysts. Not only can this be painful but it can also put your oral health in jeopardy, so it’s wise to get the tooth removed.


Sometimes we recommend wisdom teeth removal before any of the above-mentioned situations are present simply so the patient can avoid having to deal with those in the future. Recovery is also faster and easier the younger you are.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Las Cruces, NM

If your wisdom teeth are coming in and you’d like to check whether or not removing them is necessary, we invite you to book an appointment at Las Cruces Dental Solutions. We provide wisdom teeth removal as part of our comprehensive dental services, and we’re happy to give you our professional opinion. All you have to do is contact us today!


Do you have problematic wisdom teeth?

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