Drinks that Damage


With the plethora of sugary prepackaged juice drinks and sodas on the store shelves these days, it’s nearly impossible for children and parents alike to resist the temptation to indulge. The bad news is that these sweet drinks not only hinder your child’s ability to concentrate, they also pose a significant threat to tooth enamel.

Soda Study

Recent research published in the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) journal General Dentistry highlighted the citric and/or phosphoric acid content of soft drinks and sugary non-cola drinks. These acids erode your tooth enamel, and though sodas have more acid than juice and other sweet drinks, the study found that the latter actually erode teeth more effectively.

Research Results

Other findings from this study, which measured the acidity of 20 different soft drinks, include:

RC cola was the most acidic soft drink

Root beer was the least acidic soft drink

After being immersed in the soft drinks for 48 hours, slices of enamel lost more than 5 percent of their weight.

Citric acid was the most erosive acid found in all of the drinks, and it was most prevalent in the non-cola drinks.

Water and unsweetened milk are the best thirst-quenching options for you and your little ones, and you can make them appealing by finding fun water bottles to put them in. You can also sweeten water naturally with cucumber slices or berries, which are both tasty and tooth friendly.

Tooth-Saving Tips

Straws and sipping: If you or your little ones just can’t stay away from the lemonade and soft drinks, give them a straw to sip through. A straw directs the flow of sugar and acid-filled fluid away from their teeth and down their throats, helping them avoid decay and a visit to the dentist!

Stay hydrated: Saliva is the leading defense against tooth decay and erosion. Stay armed with a water bottle you can sip on through out the day. It will help wash away dangerous sugars and acids, and it’s one of the simplest safety measures you can take.

Brush, floss, and brush again: While limiting drinks that aren’t good for you and your children’s dental health is a no-brainer, it’s easier said than done. So the second-best solution is packing a travel-size brush, paste, and floss packet to take with them everywhere they go. They are small enough to fit in a glove box, backpack, purse, or cooler — your children can have their cake and eat it too.

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