What Are the Best Ways to Fix Bad Breath?

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No one likes having bad breath! Not only is it unpleasant and damaging to your self-confidence, but bad breath is also a good indication that something is awry with your oral health. We’ve put together ways to beat bad breath, whether it’s temporary or chronic.

  1. Brush & Floss

Regularly brushing and flossing is one of best ways to combat bad breath. All it takes is a few minutes every morning and night to ensure that your mouth and gums are healthy and as bacteria-free as possible. Not brushing or flossing consistently allows bacteria to grow, which means that you can develop bad breath, cavities, and even gum disease.

  1. Sugar-Free Gum & Mints

Chewing on sugar-free mint-flavored gum or popping in a sugar-free mint is a great way to momentarily fend off bad breath, especially if you’ve eaten something full of garlic or onions. Make sure to get gum or mints sweetened with xylitol, which won’t harm your teeth like sugar can.

  1. Gargle

If you’ve been experiencing severe, chronic bad breath, it may be because you aren’t properly brushing or flossing the bacteria that grows on the surface of your teeth or under the gum line. Gargling with salt water, mouthwash, or apple cider vinegar is a great way to eliminate bacteria from your mouth in addition to consistent brushing and flossing.

  1. Make a Cup of Mint Tea

Mint tea is a great way to freshen your breath. Not to mention that mint tea also helps calm upset stomachs!

  1. Say No to Tobacco

Smoking is damaging to your overall health, and can cause bad breath along with increased bacteria production. Quitting smoking or avoiding it overall can help you have fresher breath.

  1. Brush with Baking Soda

Some toothpastes contain baking soda, but it helps to occasionally brush with it plain to help balance the pH levels in your mouth and make it harder for bacteria to thrive.

If you are concerned about your breath, don’t lose hope! Our team at Las Cruces Dental Solutions is here to help you get the smile you deserve. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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