Fun Ways to Make Sure You (and Your Kids!) Are Brushing Long Enough

Brushing your teeth is important, sure. You know that. You make sure you brush every morning and every night, and sometimes in between. But are you certain you’re doing it long enough? You might be surprised at how quickly this part of your grooming routine goes…maybe too quickly. According to your dentist and Colgate Oral Care Center, you should really be brushing at least two minutes.

Here are a few fun ways to make sure you’re brushing long enough.

There’s an app for that!

Oral-B teamed up with Apple to create this great app to encourage kids to brush longer. Don’t have an iPhone? Here’s an app for Google Play that helps you track brushing, too. There’s even a new app for both Apple and Android products called Brush DJ that plays two minutes of the music it takes from your phone while you brush. That way you get a shot of your favorite songs while making sure you spend enough time brushing every morning and night!

Get the whole family involved.

Especially if you have older kids, brushing your teeth together might help keep them on track. But if you have little ones, you know two minutes is a long time in a toddler’s world. Keeping them focused long enough to get their teeth good and clean can seem agonizing. You can keep their attention (and have a little fun, too) by bringing on the toys. Try brushing T-Rex or the baby doll’s teeth at the same time. You can also get a toothbrush with a light that flashes for two minutes.

Dr. Petersen can answer questions about your brushing routine, or anything else you want to know about your dental health. Contact us today for your next dental appointment.

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