How Oral Health Affects Overall Health

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It’s not uncommon to think of overall health as being separate from oral health. But the truth is that they are very much intertwined. Several health issues can arise from having poor dental hygiene. And certain conditions can result in dental problems, as well. Keep reading to learn more about how your oral health affects overall health!

Health Problems From Poor Dental Hygiene

A variety of health concerns can be linked to poor dental health. Cardiovascular issues such as clogged arteries and stroke risk may be linked to infection and inflammation that begins in the mouth. Bacteria can spread from the mouth into your bloodstream, putting you at risk for endocarditis, or an infection of the lining of your heart chambers. Bad oral bacteria can also contribute to acne and respiratory infections. Moreover, women who are pregnant or thinking of conceiving need to take especially great care of their teeth, as poor dental hygiene has been linked to premature birth and low birth weight of infants.

Health Problems That Can Lead Poor Oral Health

On the other hand, certain afflictions can contribute to poor oral health. Diabetes, for example, lowers the body’s ability to fight infection. In some cases, this can lead to dental problems like gum disease, tooth loss, and jawbone loss. Those with HIV/AIDS are more likely to suffer from oral lesions and mouth sores. People with dementia may be at risk for poor dental hygiene because of forgetfulness.

How to Prevent Certain Health Problems

First and foremost, let us know your complete health history. We want to help you stay healthy and will take special consideration for your individual needs. Do not be afraid to discuss any and all health concerns with us, as they may affect your oral health. Be sure to always be diligent about your daily oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time and floss at least once a day. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet filled with a variety of foods high in nutrients and vitamins. If you can do these things and maintain your regularly scheduled biannual dental visits, you’re already doing a lot to prevent future health problems from arising.

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