Smile-Friendly Easter Gifts

A floral Easter basket filled with Easter eggs next to a bouquet of yellow tulips

It’s springtime and many children are looking forward to Easter egg hunts and fun in the sun. That can mean lots of sweet treats that are bad for your child’s teeth. But don’t fear. There are still ways to have fun while helping your child have healthy teeth this spring. Here are a few ideas for smile-friendly Easter gifts.

  • Healthier Eggs
  • No Easter egg hunt would be complete without plastic eggs filled with goodies. Traditionally, jelly beans and other candies are inside. Instead of candy and sweets, you can fill the eggs with nuts, coins, notes of sweet compliments, or a family picture cut into puzzle pieces.

  • Confetti Eggs
  • Cascarones, or confetti eggs, are a popular tradition from Mexico. They are hollowed out, color-dyed eggs that are filled with confetti. Children love breaking confetti eggs over the heads of their parents on Easter! It’s a fun game of chase for the whole family. You can make the eggs yourself, or buy them at a party store or online.

  • Baskets of Fun
  • Children love Easter baskets. Usually, large chocolate bunnies are found inside, with other sweet treats. But you can create just as much fun with a basket filled with coloring books, sidewalk chalk, fresh crayons, personalized stationary, or spring-themed stickers and pencils.

  • Healthy Bunnies
  • If your child loves a sweet treat, you can make bunnies made of fruit. Simply cut pineapple into slices to make the face and ears of a bunny. You can use blueberries for the eyes and nose.

  • Carrots
  • Let your child pretend to be a bunny and give them carrots to munch on this Easter. You can find carrots with greenery still attached to make it more bunny-like. They may even forget carrots are nutritious snacks when they are busy being the Easter bunny!

    Happy Easter & Happy Spring!

    Our Las Cruces Dental Solutions team wishes you and your family a happy Easter and a lovely start to spring. We encourage every member of the family to eat their favorite sweet snacks in moderation, and to brush and floss every day. Additionally, remember to come visit us every six months.

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