Technology that Makes Your Dental Visits Better


7 Technology Advancements That Make Your Dental Visits More Effective — and More Comfortable

Let’s face it: No one likes going to the dentist. In all fairness though, the oral health industry has made major strides in bringing comfort to the dentist’s chair. And there’s a lot to be excited about in the coming years — but there’s a lot to feel comfortable about right now, as well. Take a look at just a few of the industry advancements that make sure you’re getting more effective — and more comfortable — dental care.

Air Abrasion. This alternative to the traditional drill maximizes comfort — and it’s far less intimidating. The air abrasion system is used primarily to treat small cavities while preserving healthy tooth structures without the use of a numbing injection. This technique can also be used to repair old tooth restorations by accessing tougher areas between the teeth.

CAT Scans. A 3D-imaging system that helps dental surgeons view bone structure more accurately. This technology has become increasingly specialized for implant dentistry, which has become the standard for tooth-replacement care.

Composite Materials. Because of their tooth-like resolution, many composite materials are used in veneers and restorations to fill cavities. These materials are continually being improved upon and refined for ease of application and to hold shape without sliding off the tooth or breaking. They are becoming increasingly popular for those seeking a natural look.

Laser Dentistry. It sounds like science fiction, but energy beams are now being used to treat tumors, cold sores, crown lengthening, decay removal, and many other oral health issues, and these beams typically result in a shortened and more comfortable healing period. Laser dentistry is far less invasive, and frankly, it’s pretty cool.

Sedation Dentistry. Use of a sedative during a dental procedure is nothing new, but it’s becoming far more commonplace because it is both safe and effective. Oral sedation requires no needles, and the patient remains conscious but far less anxious. Fear keeps many people from taking care of their oral health — sedation dentistry removes the fear.

Dental Implants. What used to be a six-month process in some cases is now a much faster process: Anyone who needs missing teeth replaced can receive crown attachments immediately after tooth extraction, rather than waiting several months.

Digital Photography. What does photography have to do with dentistry? Oral health professionals use editing tools to show patients what their smile will look like after a makeover or reconstruction. It’s another opportunity to give patients more control over what they want their smile to look like.

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