The Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Losing a tooth may cause problems for everyday activities such as eating, drinking, and even talking. Cosmetically, missing teeth can affect your confidence, mood, and how frequently you smile, and can lead to long-term damage if left unchecked.

As a result, it's essential to treat and replace missing teeth as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Our skilled team of dentists are capable of restoring the full function of your mouth and boosting your confidence all at the same time.

The Pros of Dental Implants

Dental implants may be a good alternative to crowns, bridges, or removable dentures if you have missing teeth due to a traumatic event. It's essential to replace a lost tooth, as the problem can worsen over time if not addressed. Here are the two primary benefits of getting a permanent tooth implant:

Aesthetically Pleasing

A dental implant dentist will consider your concerns and ensure that you get the look you want. The implants feel and look just like your regular teeth, and let's be honest; missing a tooth can sometimes affect your self-esteem. 

Being able to flash a full smile may work wonders for your confidence and improve your emotional health. 


The number one reason to get dental implants is durability. The implants are a permanent solution to replace missing teeth. They get fused into your jaw bone; therefore, they are about as stable as your natural teeth are. 

If you compare them to dentures, which usually last only five to nine years, it's easy to recognize the more valuable solution between the two. As a long-term investment, dental implants are more reliable and durable. 

Additional practical benefits:

  • Improves your speech, as you don't need to worry about teeth sliding on your mouth as you do with dentures
  • The dental implants are more comfortable since they are part of your jaw bone
  • You'll have an easier time eating without worrying about tooth slippage
  • Implants are more convenient because you don't need to repeatedly take them out and put them back in your mouth

The Cons of Dental Implants

There are a few challenges to getting dental implants that one should consider before deciding to proceed:

The Cost

Keep in mind that you'll need to pay for at least part of the procedure, even if your insurance partially covers the implants. You won't know exactly how much to pay until your dentist outlines the specific installation process. 

However, dental implants typically pay for themselves over the years, considering the quality and convenience. 

Time Commitment

It takes quite a bit of time for someone to get fitted for dental implants. You need to consider the waiting period that lasts up to six months while you're waiting for the implants to fuse into your jawbone. If you need the situation corrected immediately, it might not be the best choice. 

Possible Infections

It’s rare to get an infection as a complication after dental implants, but it's possible. Your gums could become infected at the point of insertion. As a result, it could cause periodontal disease, which leads to bone loss.  

Additional Disadvantages:

  • More work could be required if something goes wrong or if there are complications with the fusion
  • It could be costlier than you anticipate if more work needs to be done

Schedule a Dental Implant Consultation

Choosing to get dental implants, whether single or full, is a personal decision based on various factors. Overall, they are a sound investment that will generally yield better results for those interested in a permanent solution. To see if dental implants are right for you, schedule a consultation today to learn more.

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