Weird Facts About Teeth from Around the World

weird teeth facts

Have you ever thought about how amazing your teeth are? Not only do they make eating your favorite foods easier, but without them your smile wouldn’t be quite so amazing and the words you speak would come out a little different. As great as your teeth are, there are also some weird facts about teeth you are sure to enjoy.

Fact #1

Before toothbrushes were even invented, humans have used various objects to “brush” their teeth. In Ancient Egypt, neem and cinnamon twigs were used. Many years later, the Chinese invented an item that is closest to the toothbrush that we know now. Their toothbrush had a bamboo handle and boar bristles to clean teeth.

Fact #2

Toothpaste hasn’t always been as minty fresh as it is now. In the past, crushed bones, burnt eggshells, and ashes were all used as a tooth cleaning concoction.

Fact #3

Did you know that in the early 1800’s there was no dental profession? Instead, barbers and blacksmiths performed a majority of the dental work. While it would be convenient to have your tooth extracted while getting your hair cut, it wasn’t the safest option.

Fact #4

Many children around the world look forward to a visit from the tooth fairy when they lose a tooth. In Hispanic countries, though, children anticipate Perez the Mouse taking their tooth in exchange for money.

Fact #5

China has a day dedicated to teeth. In the country, September 20 is celebrated as “Love Your Teeth Day”. Dentists offer special promotions and information is shared concerning the importance of good dental health.

Weird, amazing, helpful — all of these words can be used to describe teeth. If you want to learn more about how you can properly take care of yours, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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