Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow? Teeth Discoloration Causes And Solutions

Yellow teeth are truly annoying. They prevent you from having that perfect white smile and can be a detraction in your professional life. They also can really affect your confidence! The problem is that there just doesn’t seem to be a way to avoid it. However, that is not truly the case. By understanding how teeth actually become discolored and turn yellow as well as what your options are, you will be able to figure out the proper steps to restore that perfect white shine. With help from Las Cruces Dental Solutions, we’re sure you’ll get the beaming, white smile and be showing it off in no time!

Why do teeth turn yellow in the first place?

Teeth are composed of an inner layer, the dentin, and an outer, protective layer, the enamel (learn more about what teeth are made of here). Although teeth may seem pretty solid to the untrained eye, the enamel is actually porous, meaning that just like your skin, it has many microscopic holes. It is through these holes that dark substances, such as coffee and juice, seep into your teeth. These substances become deeply entrenched in your teeth, and they are what cause your teeth to become discolored or yellow. Also, as teeth naturally age and enamel wears down, the natural more yellow dentin of teeth is exposed, making teeth look more yellow. Some of this is just plain genetics (some of us are just blessed with thicker enamel to begin with!). However, yellowing teeth are not a hopeless cause.

What is the Solution to Yellow or Discolored Teeth?

The solution to this problem is to break up those entrenched substances as well as focus on prevention. This is what teeth whitening accomplishes. Teeth whitening, whether over-the-counter or professional, uses chemical substances that seep into your teeth, break up the coffee, chocolates, and tea stains, and restore your teeth to their former whiter state.

Other simple preventative steps include avoiding substances that are pigment-rich (berries, coffee, wine) as well as following proper dental hygiene such as brushing after meals. Can’t get to your toothbrush? Make sure to vigorously swish your mouth with water!

Types Of Teeth Whitening

Although teeth whitening products can be bought over the counter, and indeed, this is an economical option, there are clear advantages to getting your teeth whitening done by a professional and trained dentist like the team at Las Cruces Dental Solutions. Not only is it more effective, but our dentists will be able to assess the exact health of your teeth and gums and treat you accordingly. Teeth whitening can have adverse effects on cracked teeth and unhealthy gums. We will be able to help you choose the best possible tooth whitening solution for you! We also offer a variety of professional teeth whitening options and can explain their benefits and choose the optimal treatment course for your goals and dental health. You can learn about our teeth whitening options here.

Do you have more questions about the causes of teeth discoloration? Or maybe you have a special event coming up where you’d like to dazzle with a bright white smile? Contact Las Cruces Dental Solutions today!

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