Why is Professional Teeth Cleaning Important?

Keep your smile bright with oral prophylaxis, also known as professional dental cleaning, and you’ll stay healthy in the long run. Several serious diseases, such as gum disease, are linked to poor oral hygiene. Keeping your teeth clean and healthy at home is important, but many people start to develop oral problems sooner or later. A professional cleaning can help you prevent this. Maintaining a healthy smile means going to the dentist and seeing a hygienist regularly. Here are some reasons why getting your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis is important: 

Preventing Problems Before They Happen

You’re more likely to catch a problem with your oral health if you have a cleaning twice a year. It’s possible to prevent many diseases, including oral cancers, if caught at an early stage. It’s also a good way for your doctor to catch broken fillings or fractures before they get worse. When these fractures and misalignments are caught early, they can be fixed faster and easier. When you only brush your teeth at home, you might not always see a buildup of problems. There’s not a lot you can see with your naked eye when it comes to oral diseases. To get rid of problematic signs, you need professional periodontal cleaning between the teeth and at the back.

You Can Prevent Tooth Loss

Plaque buildup on your teeth loosens your teeth and gum line. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. This can be prevented through good oral hygiene at home and regular dental scaling.

Maintaining a Bright Smile

The majority of stains on your teeth can be removed by your dental hygienist with a professional cleaning. You’ll walk out of the dentist’s office with a brighter, whiter smile as well as a clean mouth. Teeth are brushed with a toothpaste available from your dentist as part of standardized cleaning procedures. In comparison to a professional cleaning, a toothbrush will not remove all the buildup. Keeping your teeth bright and smiling will be much easier with a meticulous brushing by your dentist.

Preventing Dental Infections and Diseases

With the help of a dentist, you will be able to clean your teeth in a way that a toothbrush and flossing can’t. You can reduce your risk of infections and diseases by getting your teeth cleaned and checked twice a year. As well as resolving persistent bad breath, dental cleanings can help prevent or treat a wide range of diseases and infections. You have a greater chance of developing diseases and infections on the surface of your teeth and along your gums if you don’t see a dentist regularly.

Help Improve Your Health Overall

The loss of a tooth can be caused by untreated gum infections and cavities, but the issues do not end there. A variety of diseases and health problems can be caused by oral conditions that allow bacteria to flourish. Because bacteria in the gums can narrow arteries, gum disease can potentially increase heart disease risk. Usually caused by bacteria spreading through the bloodstream from other parts of the body, endocarditis affects the inner lining of the heart. Additionally, pneumonia and bronchitis can be caused by bacteria in the mouth. A chronic lung disease such as asthma can also be aggravated by gum disease by causing inflammation of the airways. Premature labor has also been linked to untreated gum infections during pregnancy.

How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

Your dental team can examine your oral health when you get your teeth cleaned every six months. Your teeth and gums will be evaluated using a mirror. A hygienist will check for inflammation, bleeding, tenderness and other signs of gingivitis. As mentioned before, tooth loss is primarily caused by gum disease. You can keep your teeth as you age by having your gums checked every six months. 

Additionally, the hygienist will check for other problems. Your dentist will examine your mouth for lesions and check for faulty fillings. Whenever they notice anything unusual, they will consult their dentist. Your dental professional can monitor any changes in your mouth and get to know you better with this type of checkup every six months. As for the dental cleaning cost, this can vary from person to person, in part due to insurance. For those without insurance, we offer an in-house Dental Savers Plan.

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The purpose of professional dental cleanings is to give your dentist or hygienist the opportunity to compare your oral health to the previous visit. An intervention can put you back on track if you’re headed in the wrong direction. Bad breath can be prevented and resolved with regular dental check-ups and cleanings. 

The compassionate team at our Las Cruces Dental Solutions has created a comfortable environment designed to make patients feel relaxed and stress-free during their dental visits. We provide cozy blankets, pillows, TVs in every room, complimentary wifi and beverages to help with that. To get the dental care you deserve from an affordable dentist in New Mexico, contact us today to see when you can schedule a dental cleaning.

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