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Is Tap Water Good for Your Teeth?

Check out our blog post to learn if tap water is safe for your teeth. Contact us for more information about caring for your dental health!
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Are Good Teeth Genetic?

Check out our blog post to learn how genetics can affect your oral health. But regardless of your genes, you can take charge of your own oral health today. Contact us to schedule a cleaning at our dental office!
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Can You Have Phantom Tooth Pain?

If you are experiencing oral discomfort and pain after a tooth extraction, check out our blog post to learn about phantom tooth pain. We don’t want dental issues decreasing your quality of life. Contact us for help managing your mouth pain!
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black and white dental x-ray

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Most likely you’ve had X-rays taken during a dental visit, but maybe you’ve wondered about how safe they really are. On our blog, we go over the safety and importance of dental X-rays. Read our post to learn more, and contact us with any additional questions!
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Why Do Teeth Feel Fuzzy When They’re Dirty?

We’ve all gotten that weird fuzzy feeling on our teeth when we’ve forgotten to brush. Read our blog post to find out why that is!
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How Smiling Affects Your Mental Health & Social Life

Smiling can do your mental health and social life a whole lot of good. Stop our blog post to learn about the effects of smiling!
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What Is Fluorosis?

You probably know you’re supposed to get fluoride from your water and your toothpaste. But did you know there’s such thing as too much fluoride? It’s called fluorosis, and it’s no joke. Let’s break down the facts about this harmful condition. What Exactly Is Fluorosis? Fluorosis is a cosmetic condition caused by getting too much fluoride during childhood, when permanent teeth are being formed. After kids lose their baby teeth and their permanent teeth come in, the permanent teeth are discolored and marked with white lines. In more serious cases, though, they can be stained yellow or brown, have irregular… Read Full Post →
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What Causes Oral Cancer?

There are many different types of oral cancers, and not all present the same way. Like any type of cancer, oral cancer occurs when cells develop mutations, which tells the cells to grow without stopping. It’s not always clear what causes these mutations, but there are certain risk factors that increase the likelihood of getting cancer. Risk Factors for Oral Cancer Getting too much sun — Just like in skin cancer, too much sun can cause cancerous spots on the lips and mouth. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) — This common virus is at the base of many oral cancers diagnoses. If… Read Full Post →
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The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

After your dentist appointment, you’ve probably heard them tell you to come back in six months for your next checkup. Ever wondered why you need to come back that often just for another routine visit? Well, regular dental checkups are an important part of keeping your oral health in tip-top shape. They’re a type of preventive care focused on, you guessed it, preventing problems rather than simply reacting to them once they’ve already become serious. You can think of it as an affordable way to invest in your health rather than having to spend a whole lot more time and… Read Full Post →
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Cotton Candy

Some Of History’s Fun And Bizarre Dental Stories

HISTORY IS FULL of outrageous tales about teeth! How many of these dental facts have you heard before? The Dental Woes That Won the Battle Of Yorktown? During the Revolutionary War, George Washington wrote a letter to his dentist requesting some dental cleaning tools to be sent to New York, noting that the American forces wouldn’t be in Philadelphia any time soon. The correspondence was intercepted by the British, making them think that Washington would not move his army to Yorktown. When the Americans attacked Yorktown anyway, the British were caught unawares and the battle was ultimately won. Check… Read Full Post →
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