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When to Test for Mouth Cancer

When you make an appointment with your dentist, you're likely concerned about cavities or gum disease at worst. Yet each routine visit for a cleaning and dental inspection will include a basic screening for oral cancer. In some cases, the dentist may end up recommending further tests to rule out the chance of cancer. The key is to take these warnings seriously without feeling panicked or anxious. Oral cancer screening is a routine part of adult dental care, and a test or two is nothing to worry about. Learn what will make a dentist recommend testing and what methods are used to keep you safe if you show any mouth cancer symptoms.
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Elderly woman smiling into hand mirror at Las Cruces Dental Solutions

5 Dental Care Tips for Seniors

Tooth loss and decay don't have to be part of getting older. While many people assume that aging brings about dental health problems, the truth is that you can protect your teeth and gums and maintain a healthy smile throughout your lifetime. Understanding the connection between aging and dental health and the importance of oral care in elderly people will help you keep your teeth and maintain excellent oral health.
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Brunette woman in need of a nightguard grinds and clenches her teeth while she sleeps

Benefits of a Nightguard

Las Cruces Dental Solutions offers custom mouthguards. A nightguard protects teeth from chronic grinding and clenching. Learn more on our blog post!
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Aerial view of a white plate next to silverware for a post about healthy foods to strengthen teeth

Best Foods to Strengthen Teeth

Read our blog post to learn about a few foods that strengthen teeth against decay! Contact our team for additional ways to keep your teeth healthy and strong.
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Brunette man finally wakes up refreshed after sleep apnea treatment from Las Cruces Dental Solutions

Can Dentists Treat Sleep Apnea?

Check out our blog post to learn how oral appliance therapy can treat obstructive sleep apnea!
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Black and white panoramic X-ray of 4 wisdom teeth that need removal

Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Read our blog post to learn about potential problems with wisdom teeth & when they should be removed.
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Curly haired woman smiles because her oral cancer has been detected and treated early

3 Early Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

Las Cruces Dental Solutions is open for routine and emergency dental care. Read our latest blog post to learn about the early warning signs of oral cancer! Contact us for an appointment if you experience any of these red flags.
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Closeup of a woman receiving an oral cancer screening at Las Cruces Dental Solutions in Las Cruces, NM

How Do Dentists Test for Oral Cancer?

Read our blog post to learn what we look for during an oral cancer screening and how often you should be checked for oral cancer.
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Cartoon image of a boy with a dead tooth in Las Cruces, NM

What Is a Dead Tooth?

Read our blog post to discover what can cause a dead tooth. Call our Las Cruces dental office if you suspect you have a dead tooth!
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Curly-haired woman with beautiful teeth smiles with great oral health and overall health

How Oral Health Affects Overall Health

Did you know that your oral health and your overall health are linked? Read our blog post to learn how they are connected!
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