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Dentures in Las Cruces

At Las Cruces Dental Solutions, we offer full and partial denture services. You deserve to love your smile, so why not get dentures that fit comfortably and look natural? Whether you’re missing just one or all of your teeth, we’ll help you find the fit that’s best for you.

Get Your Dentures Tomorrow

Not many dental offices in Las Cruces offer next day dentures, but we do! We have a close relationship with our denture lab and are able to expedite dentures for you so you don’t have to wait those long (and sometimes embarrassing) weeks for your new smile. Simply contact our office for your consult. After you’re fitted, we’ll get your new dentures to you as quickly as possible!

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Cost of Dentures & Discount Savings

If you’re ready to revolutionize your smile, please let us know. Replacing missing teeth is a big decision, but you shouldn’t let finances get in the way of a healthy, happy smile. We offer in-house savings and we’re insurance friendly. Ask us what your financial options are!

No Insurance? Join Our Savers Plan for Discounts!

A New Kind of Denture

Thanks to advancements in materials and techniques, dentures are now more comfortable than ever before. Dr. Petersen will walk you through the creation and fitting of your new dentures from start to finish.

To start, impressions are made of your gums and remaining healthy teeth. We then send these impressions to our lab for the fabrication of your denture. Throughout this process, we will have you come in for fitting appointments to ensure that your dentures have a proper fit, bite, and appearance. Once your new dentures are complete, we will have you in for a final fitting and to address any questions or concerns you might have. If you would like an expedited denture process, just let us know. Something that sets us apart is that we offer next day dentures!

Types of Dentures

At Las Cruces Dental Solutions, we offer two types of dentures. The right choice for you is determined by how many teeth are missing or need to be removed and where your remaining healthy teeth are.

Complete dentures are used when a patient is missing most or all of the teeth in an arch. Partial dentures are for patients who are missing some teeth, but who also have healthy teeth around the gaps. Both complete and partial dentures can be worn on the upper and lower arch.

State-of-the-Art Denture Technology

Las Cruces Dental Solutions is proud to offer CAD 3D printed dentures that can be created and installed in as little as one day. After digital impressions are taken, our CAD software will design a 3D model of what your perfect pair of dentures will look like, before they are printed and we ensure that they look and feel amazing. These dentures are just as comfortable and durable as traditional dentures, but they eliminate the need for any temporary dentures that are not custom made, which can feel awkward and bulky. This technology also reduces the number of appointments and trips to our practice that patients have to make, saving time, money, and headaches. Our modern, precisely designed dentures are very affordable as well, making them an excellent choice for any patient who wants their smile restored through dentures.

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