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Restorative Dentistry in Las Cruces, NM

Your dental health is important. If you find that something is off and you need restorative dentistry to get your smile back to great condition, Las Cruces Dental Solutions is here to find a solution for you. After all, it’s right in our name! Our team has the knowledge and expertise to give you options for handling cavities, tooth pain, missing teeth, and more.

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Our Restorative Dental Treatments

Our Las Cruces dental office offers different restorative services, including the following:

Before seeing a dentist, you may not know what it is that you need. You may just know that something doesn’t feel quite right or isn’t functioning like it’s supposed to. Come into our office for a consultation and we can help you figure out your next steps toward improving your oral health.

Restorative Dentistry FAQ

What services are considered restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry includes treatments designed to maintain the health and function of your mouth. This could mean services for replacing missing teeth, ridding the teeth of decay, or fixing broken or weak teeth. While preventive dentistry is about helping you avoid oral problems, restorative dentistry is about handling any problems that already exist.

Is restorative dentistry covered by insurance?

While it’s a case-by-case basis, insurance often covers at least a portion of restorative dental treatments. At Las Cruces Dental Solutions, we want to provide affordable restorative dentistry so patients don’t have to pick between their budget and their health. Along with being in-network with a variety of insurance plans, we also have an in-house dental plan that you can join to receive a 20% discount on routine restorative treatments. Learn more about your financial options at our practice on our affordability page!

Is restorative dentistry permanent?

Whether or not restorative dentistry is considered “permanent” depends on the procedure you’re getting. For example, dental implants are often considered permanent, while a dental bridge may need to be replaced in 5 to 15 years. In general, we provide work that’s meant to last you a long time, even decades, so you don’t have to worry about another treatment for a long time.

Restore your smile to optimal health!